Creamy Cacao & Coconut Chia Porridge with Banana + Cinnamon

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Waking up to a bowl of this Creamy Cacao & Coconut Porridge with Banana + Cinnamon will warm you up on a cold winters morning & provide your body with essential nutrients to support a strong immune system. Not only does … Continued

Healthy Avocado Burrito Bowls

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After discovering Zambrero’s, I created Healthy Avocado Burrito Bowls at home. These are a nourishing & delicious alternative to the traditional meat and cheese filled burritos! They are loaded with salad veggies, beans & wholegrain rice which means they are full of … Continued

Easy Banana “Nice-cream”

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Deliciously sweet & creamy, banana “nice-cream” is your healthy alternative to commercial ice-cream. With no added sugar or cream & instead packed full of natural vitamins, minerals & fibre, banana “nice-cream” is nutritionally superior to regular ice-cream, plus its completely dairy-free & vegan.   RECIPE Easy … Continued