The Supermarket Muesli that’s as Healthy as Home-made Versions & My Favourite Ways to Enjoy It

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Muesli can be an extremely healthy & nutritious option to kick-start your day! Usually I make my own muesli from rolled oats, nuts, seeds & dried fruits, because many supermarket mueslis contain hidden added sugars & artificial ingredients. But recently … Continued

Vegan, Vegetarian, Flexitarian, Plant-based and Sumo! How do you eat?

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Vegetarian. Vegan. Plant-based. Flexitarian. Pescetarian. These are just so of the different diets that have been gaining momentum and attracting cult followings over recent times; and for good reasons! These diets, if done correctly, can offer exceptional health benefits. Sumo … Continued

Easy Banana “Nice-cream”

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Deliciously sweet & creamy, banana “nice-cream” is your healthy alternative to commercial ice-cream. With no added sugar or cream & instead packed full of natural vitamins, minerals & fibre, banana “nice-cream” is nutritionally superior to regular ice-cream, plus its completely dairy-free & vegan.   RECIPE Easy … Continued