Healthy, nutritious eating during pregnancy is vital for the growth and development of your beautiful little bubba. The nutrition that your baby receives while it is in the womb can have a positive influence on how they develop, grow and learn for their whole life!  

But as any mumma-to-be will know, eating healthy when you are pregnant can be difficult. From the constant nausea, food aversions, cravings, tiredness, lack of energy, heartburn, early satiety, hormones and growing pains, to the everyday business of work and life, healthy nutritious eating isn’t always easy.  

So to help simplify things, here is a list of 11 easy and convenient snack ideas for busy pregnant mums-to-be that will help tick the nutrition boxes and can even help manage morning sickness, cravings and improve your energy levels.

You can mix and match these snacks, for example, have a boiled egg with some smashed avocado on wholegrain toast, but I’ve listed them separately due to food aversions, nausea early satiety that you may be experiencing.

11 Easy and Convenient Snack Ideas

  • Hard Boiled Egg – plain and simple, a hard boiled egg is an excellent protein-filled snack option that also contains important nutrients for pregnant mums like iron, choline and Vitamin D. Just note that you should cook your eggs well to eliminate any salmonella risk.   
  • Roasted Chickpeas – an excellent source of fibre, chickpeas are a great snack option for pregnant mums as fibre can help manage constipation, which is common during pregnancy. They are also a good source of plant protein and iron and are a great snack alternative to packet chips if you have a craving for them.
  • Nuts – pack them into little containers or snap lock bags and keep them in your handbag, desk draw, car or gym bag. Nuts are extremely nutritious and contain essential nutrients for the growth and development of your bub like healthy mono and polyunsaturated fats, protein, iron and b group vitamins. They also have quite a neutral flavour so can be beneficial when you are wanting plain foods if you are experiencing nausea.
  • Edamame – are high in protein and rich in nutrients like folate, which is essential during pregnancy to help reduce the risk of neural tube defects in babies. They also contain iron which the demands are higher for during pregnancy and can also help with managing tiredness and improving energy levels.   
  • Tin of Tuna / Salmon / Sardines – easy and convenient, tinned tuna, salmon and sardines are an excellent snack choices for pregnant mums. Pregnant women are encourgaed to continue eating these fish during pregnancy as it’s an excellent source of omega 3 fats and protein and can enjoy safely enjoy 2-3 serves of these fish per week.
  • Macro Certified Organic Brewers Yeast Cookies – a tasty helper just for Mums, these organic cookies are made with the goodness of oats and flaxseed meal and are high in iron, a source of whole grains and fibre, and contain no artificial colours or flavours. They are available from Woolworths and come in two delicious flavours; Oats & Honey and Buckwheat & Cacao and can be kept or packed in your handbag as an easy, loving treat for busy mummas.  
  • Avocado on Wholegrain Toast – avocado is a good source of folate and healthy fats, both of which are essential during pregnancy. Wholegrain bread is a source of fibre and iodine (excluding organic bread), which are both very important during pregnancy. If you want to add a bit extra to this combo, try adding some sliced tomato and baby spinach for extra nutrition. If you are struggling with morning sickness, add a squeeze of lemon, as lemon can help with reducing symptoms of nausea.
  • Baked Beans – tinned baked beans are extremely convenient and can be packed into your bag or kept at work for an easy, healthy snack. Baked beans are a great source of protein, fibre, iron and other important nutrients needed during pregnancy. Just opt for the low-salt or no-added salt varieties.
  • Glass of Milk – super simple, a glass of milk, whether you choose a dairy or a calcium fortified plant milk like soy milk, is a great snack option for pregnant mums. It’s quick and easy and you can also make it into a fruit smoothie.
  • Fresh Fruit – don’t underestimate the power of a fresh piece of fruit! Fruit, for example bananas and mandarins, come conveniently packages in their skin, require no preparation and are loaded with vitamins needed to help your baby grow and keep busy mum’s immune systems healthy. Aim for at least 2 pieces of fruit each day and wash your fruit prior to eating.
  • Yoghurt – convenient and tasty, yoghurt is an easy snack option for busy pregnant mums that also contains probiotics which can benefit your bubba and your own immune system. Try to opt for an unsweetened variety and add your own fruit or muesli for extra flavour.
  • Home-made Nicecream – blended frozen banana is a great option if you are craving ice-cream when pregnant, especially as it is recommended that pregnant women avoid soft-serve ice-cream due to the risk of food poisoning. You can also add fresh mint leaves to your nicecream for a delicious mint flavour that can help combat morning sickness and nausea.

Disclaimer: This blog post is proudly sponsored by Macro Organic. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.