With the success of my previous blog post How To Eat Healthy On A Budget, I thought I would give you some more tips on how to eat healthy on a budget! Because we all want to save for that holiday/house/festival/car etc, right?!

So without further ado, here is How To Eat Healthy On A Budget 2.0. 

How To Eat Healthy On A Budget 2.0

  1. Buy frozen veggies – fresh food, yes, is great! But frozen is still a really good alternative. Frozen veggies are pretty cheap and most are snap frozen these days, which means they retain majority of their nutritional value! And because they are kept frozen, you won’t run the risk of them going off & having to throw them out, which means you save money! Just remember to steam or stir-fry your frozen veggies; don’t boil them as this will destroy the water soluble vitamins.
  2.  Bulk up your meals with beans & lentils – like I mentioned in my first post on How To Eat Healthy On A Budget, beans & lentils are extremely healthy. They are rich in protein, fibre and minerals & are a really cheap way of bulking up your meals and making them go further. If you made a spag bowl, lasagne, pasta dish or a home-made meat pie, add at tin of beans through it and make the meal go further.
  3. Consider your supplements – whilst technically not a food, supplements falls into this category, so I’m going to address them! Many of you will probably take supplements…expensive supplements…that you don’t need. Now disclaimer: if you are taking a supplement under the advice from your health care professional, then keep taking it. But for those who are taking a supplement because someone once told them that it would be good for something & will fix all their health problems….they you need to reconsider if you should be taking it, because chances are you won’t need it. You can get all the nutrition you need from food and some supplements can be like pouring money down the drain.
  4.  Keep an organised fridge & pantry – one of the biggest money wasters is buying food and then throwing it out! This is guaranteed to happen if your fridge and pantry isn’t organised. How many times have you pulled something out from the back of the fridge and it’s so far gone you’re not even sure what it is! So to help ensure you don’t waste money with food going off, keep your fridge and pantry organised. I recommend doing a regular fridge and pantry clean out (I aim for once a week or once a fortnight). Keep things in some form of order, whether it’s certain foods grouped together, colour coded, with labels & dates on containers etc & don’t restock your fridge & pantry after a food shop by just pushing the older food to the back. Bring the older food to the front, use that first and then eat your new food.
  5. Buy foods in bulk – many foods these day come conveniently packed in single serve packs, which is great, but also a lot more expensive! For example, instead of buying rice in “ready to eat” cups for $3 per 100g, buy the 5kg bag which is 15c per 100g and cook them into portioned cup sizes yourself.
  6. Eat mindfully – mindless eating, which is eating for reasons other than hunger and the physical need for food (e.g. if you’re tired, stressed, bored etc), can result in you eating more food than you need, which means you’re spending more on food than you need. So when you have the urge to eat something when you’re bored/stressed/tired and you’re not physically hungry, stop yourself, avoid the shops, put food food down and add some money to your holiday saving fund.
  7. Make your own food for date night and special occasions – if you regularly eat out for birthdays, celebrations and date night, try making your own meals and taking them somewhere nice to eat! You’ll be surprised how much money this can save you and how nice it is enjoying food outdoors with you loved ones.

Editor’s Note: This is an independent article and all opinions are my own. 


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