Many people assume that eating healthy comes with a hefty price tag! But it doesn’t have to! In fact, some of the healthiest foods you can eat are actually extremely cheap! 

So let’s see how you can eat healthy on a budget!

How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

  1. Make your own lunches – this might seem like a fairly obvious one, but it’s crazy how many people fall into the trap of regularly buying lunches out! Let’s say you buy lunch out 4 days a week at $15 dollars, which is a pretty standard price for a bite to eat and drink these days. Now that would total to $60 a week, which would equate to over $3000 a year!!! And that’s just four lunches! Add the coffees, breakfasts, snacks, dinners & drinks to this! You could basically fund your next holiday by making you meals at home!  Set yourself a goal of how many lunches or meals you want to have at home and how many (if any) you are willing to spend money on. Then get yourself into a habit of making your lunches and taking them with you to school/uni/work etc. Use my guide here on how build a healthy lunch.
  2. Choose lentils & beans for protein – you don’t have to do this for every meal, but swapping you meat/chicken/fish to lentils & beans for even just a few meals per week can save you a lot of cash. Beans & lentils are rich in protein, fibre and minerals and are extremely healthy! They are great for gut health & digestion, will help stabilise your blood sugar levels and keep you feeling full. You can pick up tinned beans for less than a dollar, which is much cheaper than animal sources of protein. Learn more about the health benefits of beans & lentils here.
  3. Swap your cereals for plain rolled oats – oats are a great source of fibre, minerals & healthy low GI carbohydrates, plus they don’t have the added sugars that many cereals contain. You can buy a 750g pack of plain rolled oats for less than $1 & use it to make porridge, homemade muesli & healthy homemade snacks. Click here for my Lemon Chia Overnight Oats recipe.
  4. Buy seasonal fruit & veggies in bulk & freeze – there are a lot of fruits & veggies you can buy bulk on sale and freeze for use later on! Think over ripe bananas for nicecream, banana pancakes & banana cake & baby spinach & over ripe avocados for smoothies. Buying fruit & veggies that are currently in season will also save you money as in-season produce is always cheaper.

5. Grow your own herbs & veggies – buying packaged greens like baby spinach can be expensive (around $5/bag where I live!). Fresh herbs can also be pricy, so growing your own can really help you save! We built a veggie box and now grow rocket, mint, basil, garlic chives, rosemary, coriander & parsley. We’ve also grown tomatoes, carrots & beetroots, all of which were extremely easy to grow, even for a total novice gardener like me!

6. Make your own snacks – we’ve all seen $4 protein balls for sale and thought “oooft that’s expensive!”. Well, you can make your own snacks that are a lot cheaper! Click here for my Healthy Banana Bread recipes & here for my Bliss Ball recipes.

7. Plan your meals & save your left-overs – planning your meals means you can buy exactly what you need and you won’t end up throwing used food out that has gone off. Use my weekly meal planner here to plan you meals out. An easy trick is to plan using leftovers for lunch the following day instead of having seconds at dinner! That way you save $ and it helps keep your weight healthy! Use my portion plate guide here to help you portion your dinner meals.

Editor’s Note: This is an independent article and all opinions are my own. 


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