Vegetarian. Vegan. Plant-based. Flexitarian. Pescetarian. These are just so of the different diets that have been gaining momentum and attracting cult followings over recent times; and for good reasons! These diets, if done correctly, can offer exceptional health benefits. Sumo Salad, Australia’s largest healthy fast food retailer, helps support these types of eating through their menu that allows you to create your very own salad. Sumo Salad understands that we are all individuals with differing dietary, taste and health requirements. At Sumo, you have the freedom to create your very own personalized salads by mix and match any different combo of ingredients to design your salad exactly how you want it.


Check out my Q&A below with CEO & Co-founder Sumo Salad’s Luke Baylis on his own personal diet choices and his incredible health vision.


Rebecca: “Luke, there is current shift towards plant based eating with a lot of hype around the different types of plant-based eating styles. I heard that you have adopted a plant based diet. If you had to classify yourself in to one of the following categories, which best reflects your knew style of eating?


  1. a) Vegetarian – plant based with no animal meat but may consume dairy, eggs
  2. b) Flexitarian – plant based with the occasional inclusion of meat and seafood
  3. c) Pescetarian – plant based eating but also eats fish & seafood (no meat/chicken/eggs)
  4. d) Vegan – no animal products including dairy, eggs, seafood

Luke: “Flexitarian”


Rebecca: “How long have you been eating this way & were there any particular reasons why you decided to change your eating habits? Did you find it difficult to change?”

Luke: “I decided to change my eating habits earlier this year after the Christmas feasting. I love cooking and eating fresh delicious produce so it was an easy switch for me and my family are enjoying it too.”


Rebecca: “Have you noticed any benefits for adopting this new way of eating, either physically or mentally?”

Luke: “I’ve noticed a huge shift in both my physical and mental state. At first you feel a bit weak, however once you understand what plant based foods you can replace for meat it is actually pretty easy. I feel lighter, and more energetic. My mind is clearer and I ensure I practice mediation for 30 mins daily.”


Rebecca: “Would you consider “going vegan” for a month? Why/Why not?”

Luke: “I actually just finished being vegan for a couple of months! It was fantastic and opened my eyes to all the great food out there and innovate ways to enjoy other cuisines such as cashew nut cheese in Mexican!! There are so many great vegan restaurants out there at the moment that it was an easy challenge and one I will without a doubt take up again.”


Rebecca: “Sumo Salad has a great variety of plant based options, plus the ability to create your own salad at Sumo caters perfectly for those with different plant based eating styles. Did your shift to a plant based diet help influence this or vice-versa?”

Luke: “Sumo is a great place to stop for breaky, lunch or dinner and create your own plant based options. The change in my diet helped open my eyes and see that there are a lot of great recipes out there for the health conscious consumers that have different eating habits and that we need to cater to all of them. The create your own is perfect for this. My personal favourite is brown rice & quinoa, baby spinach, almond slithers, lentils, pumpkin, sunflower kernels, chickpeas, red onion, roasted red capsicum, mushrooms, kale, fresh chilli, dukkah, dill, mint & lemon parsley.”

*Sponsored Content: This article is proudly sponsored by Sumo Salad. Why? Because I love Sumo Salad and only recommend companies that I truly believe in and who share the same approach to health as I do. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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