“Below The Belt” health for women is a topic that doesn’t get talked about much, but can have a big impact on your day to day life & intimacy. Almost 20% of Australian women experience vaginal dryness every year and for many, it’s a weekly occurrence, causing uncomfortable & painful burning and itching sensations.

Vaginal dryness is the unpleasant result of reduced levels of oestrogen, a hormone which helps keep your tissues elastic and well lubricated. Everything from childbirth & breastfeeding, to menopause & stress can effect your oestrogen levels, leading to vaginal dryness.
If you experience vaginal dryness & you want to get proactive about treating this issue to ease your discomfort, try the following natural strategies:

1. Include soy products in your diet – soy foods like edamame, tofu, soy milk & tempeh contain oestrogen-mimicking plant compounds called Isoflavones (a class of phytoestrogens). Oestrogen is the hormone responsible for lubrication of the vagina & so increasing your intake of soy products may help with the management of vaginal dryness. Soy compounds are also hydrophilic, which means attract water to your tissues, which can also help reduce dryness.

2. Add some healthy fats to your main meals – essential fatty acids are necessary for tear production in the eyes and the lubrication of your private areas. Great sources of these include flaxseeds, chia seeds, nuts, avocados & fatty fish like salmon, mackerel & tuna. Try to include some healthy fats with each main meal you eat to help lubricate your vagina.

3. Keep Hydrated – Drinking enough water each day can help combat vaginal dryness. Check out my recent blog post on hydration here to find out how much you need to be drinking and my top tips to make sure you’re getting enough.

4. Try Vagisil ProHydrate Plus Gel – these gels are an innovative solution to help women naturally combat vaginal dryness. Vagisil ProHydrate Plus Gels are easy to use & help relieve vaginal dryness so you can enjoy your day to day and intimate life without feeling uncomfortable or sore. These gels feel like your natural moisture and formulated without added oestrogens or parabens, plus they are gynaecologist tested and hypoallergenic. For more info on  Vagisil ProHydrate Gels, check out this video by Dr Nikki Goldstein here and find out where you can buy Vagisil by clicking here. Trying is believing.

Sponsored Content: This article is proudly sponsored by Vagisil. Why? Because I only work with companies/brands/products that I truly believe in and who share the same approach to health as I do. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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