Recently I spent a weekend away at Wentworth Falls with some girls who work online through their instagrams and blogs. We ate lots of yummy food, exercised & most importantly, shared all our secrets on Instagraming and blogging!

Now I’m not saying I’ve “made it” on Instagram or anything like that! In fact I’d say I’m far from it and always learning! But I’ve had my page @nourish_naturally for a few years now and I’ve definitely learnt a few things along the way!
So here are my tips for those who are looking to grow their Instagram & take it to the next level! Whether you’re new to the world of Instagram or have had an account for a while, these tips will help you take it to the next level.

My Top 6 Tips

1. Know The Basics – make sure your profile is complete including your name, bio,  picture and contact information (email/website etc), as well as having your account set to public (this means people can find you = more followers).
2. How It Looks Matters – instagram is a visual medium, so what your page looks like matters. Your images need to be eye-catching & of high quality (i.e. no blurry images etc). Consider having a theme to your page such as your own unique set of colours or style, as well as a layout theme / order to how you post your photos. For example, I like to post a food photo then a lifestyle photo, then food and so on. And never post a “bad” photo…if your picture is blurry, taken at night etc and it doesn’t look good, you are better off not posting it than posting it. Even if you have a page full of beautiful images, you will quickly lose followers if you post a “bad” photo.
3. Edit Your Photos – editing is key to making your photos stand out. The two apps (from the app store on my iPhone) I use to edit my pictures are VSCO & Snapseed. The exact steps I use for editing each photo differ but generally I will up the brightness, contrast & reduce the warmth.
4. Be Active – being active on instagram will help you gain new followers as well as keep your current followers engaged. To do this, you need to post regularly (I aim for at least one picture a day…if this seems like a lot, see point 5), respond to comments on your pictures, comment on other people’s photos & use instagram stories.
5. Use Time Saving Techniques – instagram can become quite time consuming if you are trying to take it to the next level, so try to create a back-log of photos so you always have a new photo to post. I do this by regularly having “photo days” where I will set up and take a bunch of photos. You can also take multiple photos of the one shot, for example, if I was to do a breakfast photo, I’ll take a photo of the ingredients, the prep process, the finished meal and a picture of me eating it, so that way I have multiple photos from the one shot to post.
6. Be You – most people want to follow a real person, so show yourself & your life; be real.

Do you have a question about how to grow your instagram and take it to the next level? Ask me below and I’ll try and answer it for you 🙂

P.S. A big thank you to Burnbank House for gifting us with a beautiful stay for the weekend! Burnbank House is located five minutes’ walk from Wentworth Falls village & is a beautifully restored, conservation listed home that offers luxury accommodation, free unlimited WIFI & is the perfect location for a weekend getaway or mid-week break.


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