Salads in the Sun Recipe Ebook

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“Salads in the Sun” is a collection of over 25 Dietitian created salad recipes that make healthy eating easy, fun and delicious! Each recipe has been designed by me to make you feel nourished, energised and satisfied.

What’s included in “Salads in the Sun”?

  • Over 25 healthy and delicious salad recipes
  • Beautiful HD images for each recipe  
  • Shopping List
  • Conversion Charts (metric and imperial)
  • Ingredient Swaps and Substitutions
  • Salad Prep Quick Tips
  • Weekly Meal Planner Template so you can plan these recipes into your week

Some of my favourite recipes in “Salads in the Sun” are Minty Pink Couscous Salad, Sweet Summer Mango Salad, Beauty Green Bean Salad, Peachy Perfect Salad, Date Me Chickpea Salad, Golden Grain Sunset Salad, ​​Sparkling Citrus Salad and ​​Cheeky Cooked Chickpea Salad.

Full List of Salad Recipes included:

  • Minty Pink Couscous Salad
  • Sweet Summer Mango Salad
  • Beauty Green Bean Salad
  • Peachy Perfect Salad
  • Date Me Chickpea Salad
  • Energise Me Pasta Salad
  • Golden Grain Sunset Salad
  • ​​Sparkling Citrus Salad
  • Nourish Me Poke Salad
  • Share Me Mexican Salad
  • Love Me Lime Watermelon Salad
  • Rainbow Picnic Salad
  • ​​Beach Day Beetroot Salad  
  • ​​Cheeky Cooked Chickpea Salad
  • Golden Sunrise Fruit Salad
  • Refresh Me CousCous Salad
  • ​​Sunshine Spiced Pumpkin Salad
  • Love Me Lentil Salad
  • Mango Salsa Salad
  • Zesty Orange Summer Salad
  • ​​Summer Sunset Bean Salad
  • Warm Summer Vegetable Salad
  • ​​Boost Me Broccoli Salad
  • Crunch Me Quinoa Salad
  • Sunny Day Salad
  • Tropical Island Papaya Salad

Important information:

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– Some browsers may have issues downloading large files. If you have issues downloading the file onto your mobile, firstly download the file onto your desktop and then transfer the file to your other devices (e.g. via airdrop). Your device may require apps such as iBooks or Adobe Reader. If your download fails, please check your internet connection and restart the device.

I love seeing your re-creations of my recipes and hearing your feedback. If you make one of these salads, please take a photo and post it on your socials and send it to me so I can re-share it.

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16 reviews for Salads in the Sun Recipe Ebook

  1. Over 50’s

    Such splendid variety of colours and textures in these wonderful salads that you have created! Great for gift ideas, also!

  2. Beck Stevens

    Absolutely loved reading about all these amazing g summer recipes for me and my toddler!!! Some beautiful salads and I’ve already tried a few they were amazing

  3. Kalli

    Ahhhhmazing! These salads are so simple, afforable to make and easy to purchase the ingredients!! They are so creative and colourful and nutritious. Rebecca is a very inspirational author of dietics and so balanced. Im so excited to try them all!! The papaya salad got me good 🥰🥰🥰

  4. Jasmine Morahan

    First ever recipe Ebook I have purchased and I am not regretting it at all!!’ Great ideas, great flavours and even adaptable for what’s in the fridge or what the kids like. The Nourish me Poke bowl and sweet Mango Salad are favs so far, though I feel soon I will have too many favourites to count!!

  5. Rhian

    I usually wing a salad but following these recipes are so simple & seriously amplify the salad game!!! I have made a few for friends & they’ve all raved about how delicious they are!

  6. Georgia Simpson

    This Salad In The Sun eBook is a life saver! During summer the salads I make are always the same, with the same ingredients & flavour…. But the recipes in the eBook are all so different, with so many colours & look amazing! I can’t wait to up my salad game especially with the mango salsa salad & nourish me poke salad! I also love that the eBook has a shopping list & meal planner! Such a good buy xx

  7. Abbey Sissian

    This ebook is game changing!! So many salads that will become my summer staples. Fresh, healthy, delicious & original! Yum 😋

  8. Astrid

    I absolutely love the recipes in this book. They are easy, delicious, and healthy. The pictures are also amazing, love all the beautiful colours of these salads. Thank you!!

  9. Jessie

    The perfect recipe book for summer! Bec has created such wonderful recipes that are super nutritious and taste unreal!

  10. Hannah

    Delicious!!! This ebook was a great way to reignite my love of salads with lots of variety and colour! It was a hit for the whole family and was easy to adjust to suit the families needs and wants! This recepie book was amazing!

  11. Clara Tine

    Best salad book to date. Lovery the peachy perfect salad. Omg it was delicious. The whole family enjoyed it. I’ve made a few more and thoroughly enjoyed them. You will not regret getting your hands on this beauty of a salad book.

  12. Marianna

    I purchased this thinking I might make a couple of the salads out of it, but wow was I wrong! Who knew there were so many amazing healthy salads that could be made with these simple delicious ingredients! Many of the salads in this book have now become weekly staple meals (or side dishes) in our house, best part everyone- even the kids- enjoy them!!! Also great for entertaining some of my friends who are veg or vegan!!

  13. Marianna

    When I purchased this salad book I didn’t anticipate that I would be trying all the salads out! Many have become weekly staples in our household as either a main meal or side dish. Everyone loves them including kiddies which is great. Also found them helpful when cooking for friends who are either vegetarian or vegan!! They love them just as much if not more than I do!!

  14. Jess

    I absolutely love this eBook. The salads are fresh, beautiful, flavourful and nutrient-dense. The recipes are very approachable without long ingredient lists or complex methods to follow. I have been so impressed with all of the recipes I have tried thus far and can’t wait to try the rest.

  15. Em

    I was so genuinely surprised at how delicious and interesting these salads are – great mixture of sweet, savoury, crisp, chewy, nutty. Love the date me chickpea salad – super satisfying. Highly recommend this book!

  16. Jodi-Ann Standen

    I absolutely love this ebook. The salads are delicious and so easy to make. Fuelling my body with the good stuff. My favourite is the Love me Lentil salad. I took it to three different Christmas celebrations and it was a hit with everyone. Definitely glad I bought this book.

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