Is it time to start planning your kid’s next birthday party? 

Use these handy tips to take the stress out of organising the day and host the ultimate birthday party your kid won’t forget!   

8 steps for hosting the Ultimate Kid’s Birthday Party

1. Set a date and time

Whilst this seems obvious, there are many factors to consider when setting a date and time for your kid’s birthday. Think holidays/public holidays, kids sports, nap times, how much energy your kids have and availability of any “must have” invitees. To make sure you have as many “yes” RSVPs as possible, send “save the dates” too.

2. Set a budget

Set a maximum budget and stick to it. It’s so easy for costs to get out of hand, so always set your budget at the start of your planning.

3. Choose a venue

Do you want to host the party at home, have it at an outdoor space or at a kids play location? Make sure to consider your budget in choosing this, as well as things like the weather, venue size, ease of access, toilet facilities and parking.

4. Send the invitations

Think about how many people you want to/can invite and consider your budget. Ask your child who they would like to invite and do this a few times to make sure you cover everyone. Also keep in mind to ask if there are any special dietary requirements like allergies and intolerances so you can add this into the food planning. Then send your invites and don’t forget to include an RSVP.

5. Plan the food

As a Dietitian and Nutritionist, food is my favourite part. When planning the food, you want to consider:

  • dietary requirements – allergies, intolerances, vegetarian, vegan etc 
  • how much food is needed  
  • how to satisfy the fussy eaters (kids and adults included)
  • an element of nutrition amongst the delicious fun party food
  • will you cook all the food yourself of have the party catered for

If you want to take the stress out of hosting the ultimate kid’s birthday party, I would recommend having the party catered for. My favourite catering option for kid’s birthday parties is Catering by Soul Origin.

Catering by Soul Origin

With their fresh, healthy and delicious food, Catering by Soul Origin makes hosting your kid’s birthday party simple. Catering by Soul Origin have meals and snacks to suit even the fussiest kids (and adults!), and they cater for different dietary requirements including allergies, intolerances, vegetarian and vegan eating. Plus there are multiple options available that actually taste good including breakfast, morning tea, lunch, salads, treats and drinks. 

Ordering online is quick and easy (you can do it online here: Catering by Soul Origin) and you can even get your child involved in the process of choosing which delicious foods they would like to have at their birthday party to suit all those little fussy fingers.

Vege Sliders from Soul Origin Catering
Breakfast Pots from Soul Origin Catering
Salad Pots from Soul Origin Catering
Banana Bread from Soul Origin Catering

With healthy options like Wraps Platters, Seasonal Fruit Platters, Vege Sliders, Sandwich Platters and Breakfast Pots and the most incredible range of Salad Platters from Greek to Falafel, Pesto Penne to Tuscan Veg Pasta, Catering by Soul Origin gets a big Dietitian “Tick of Approval” from me and will keep everyone happy and satisfied at your kid’s birthday party!

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Catering by Soul Origin

And after the fun is done, you can put your feet up, no messy kitchen clean up. 

6. Choose a theme, decorations and cake

Discuss with your child if they want a theme or colour scheme and organise accordingly. Decorations to consider include balloons, streamers, plates and cups. The birthday cake can either be homemade or purchased. If you’re planning on buying one, remember to order in advance, especially if it’s customised. 

7. Organise some games and entertainment

make a list of games you could have at your kid’s party like pass the parcel and musical statues and organise everything you need for these. Make sure to book any entertainment like face painting, jumping castles, ball pit, clowns etc in advance. Consider music too and make a playlist of your kid’s favourite songs so they are ready to play on the day.

8. Book in help from family or friends

A little bit of extra help can go a long way when hosting the ultimate kid’s birthday party. Book up grandparents or aunts and uncles to help out. They can help with decorations, serving food and running games.  

This blog post was written as part of my work with Soul Origin. For more information or to order from Soul Origin Catering, click here.