$2 per day represents the extreme poverty line. Worldwide, over 700 million people have just this small income to cover not only food, but also housing, health & education. Live Below the Line is an annual campaign that challenges Australians to take action on poverty by living off just $2 of food for five days to gain a glimpse into some of the challenges that many people living below the poverty line face, while raising money to fund projects overseas that help those in poverty & raise awareness about this important issue.

This 2018, I am an ambassador for  Live Below the Line. Check out my interview below with Live Below the Line to find out my Tips on how to make it through your 5 days on just $2 of food per day.


Q: How would you recommend getting enough protein on a $2 budget?

A: Load up on legumes! This includes lentils and beans – think kidney beans, cannelloni beans, chickpeas etc. Not only are lentils & beans super healthy and loaded with fibre for gut health and lots of minerals but they are a great source of protein! Grab a few tins for the week; you can usually get these for less than $1.


Q: How important are good quality carbs when I’m living on $2 per day?

A: Choosing quality carbs that have a low GI (Glycemic index) are important during Live Below the Line as they will help you stay fuller for longer and have more energy throughout the day. Quality carbs include whole grains like wholemeal bread, oats, brown rice and even brown pasta. Legumes are also a good source of carbohydrates.


Q: Fresh or frozen vegetables?

A: Frozen vegetables in Australia are actually a really healthy alternative to fresh vegetables. Fresh is prefered, however when you’re on a $2 per day budget, buying a larger quantity of frozen vegetables will be much more cost effective.


Q: I’m scared I’ll be hungry during Live Below The Line. Can you suggest filling foods?

A: If you choose cheap, filling foods that contain fibre, you should be able to keep full. I recommend buying oats, beans & lentils. These are are high fibre, low GI foods that will keep you feeling fill for a long time.


Q: What are your tips for Live Below The Line if I play sport?

A: Ensure you get plenty of protein, water, carbohydrates and an adequate salt intake. Salt is really important to ensure proper hydration when playing sports due to the fluid lost through sweating.


Q: If I feel tired during Live Below The Line. Do you have any tips or food suggestions that could help boost my energy levels and focus? 

A: It’s super important you keep hydrated!! Drink plenty of water, include carbohydrates (like oats, lentils, rice, potatoes) & don’t forget your fruit.


Q: How do I deal with my caffeine addiction whilst I’m on Live Below The Line? 

A: For a week or two leading up to the challenge, begin to cut down your caffeine intake. And if you really need to, you can factor in some cheap instant coffee into your $2 budget.


Q: I don’t usually cook, how can I do Live Below The Line?

A: This is a great time to learn!! With you $2 per day budget, the meals you cook will be quite basic and easy, so its the perfect time to work on those cooking skills. The staples including oats, pasta and rice are super easy to cook and there will also be a tonne of recipes on the Live Below the Line website that will guide you step by step in becoming a Live Below the Line gourmet chef!

For more info & to sign up to the Live Below The Line challenge, click here

Editor’s Note – this article has been written in collaboration with Live Below The Line. All opinions are my own & not influenced in any way.